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Do This, Not That!

Making any change is hard enough with all the interruptions in our lives.

It is time to slow down and start small.

This is contrary to all the messages we get from ourselves, “I want it now!”

and from the world, “Just Do It!” or “Go Big or Go Home!”

But, I’m telling you it will not last if you don’t start small. Think about this . . . if you are training to run a marathon and have not yet run a 5K, what will happen when you try to run the marathon? You will fail — 99.9% guarantee.

Break down whatever it is you are trying to do into smaller steps using this format: Outcome/Goal/Finish Line: Smaller outcome/goal to get to the finish line: Action Steps to get to the 1st Goal: 1. 2. 3. 4. How did it go? Now, set the next smaller goal and do it again.

Let me give you an example: Outcome/Goal/Finish Line: Start a new business Smaller Outcome/Goal to get to the finish line: Figure out where to start Action Steps to get to the 1st Goal: 1. Go to the Small Business Administration’s website to see if they offer information or classes 2. Take an online course on entrepreneurship 3. Join a local business networking group 4. Contact a local business owner and ask to set up a meeting to talk about how they started

You can go big later – I promise! Now, is the time to start small and smart!

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