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9 Quick Tips to Help Busy People Reduce Stress

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

It’s easy to try to ignore your stress when you have many other things going on. The problem is, that it takes more time to do things when you are stressed.

Here are 9 quick ideas for reducing stress when you do not have time to waste.

1. Change Your Environment.

Take a mini “vacation” by stepping outside for a moment, doing something pleasurable

like reading a book or watching a video, or jumping in the shower.

2. Participate in a Rhythmic Activity.

Walking or running are very pattern oriented. They can help you readjust your focus

and relieve stress. Or, pick up a couple of pens or chopsticks and drum on the table to

also find a similar response.

3. Do Something Creative.

Creativity doesn't have to revolve around a big project. Doing something you enjoy like

photography, coloring, or baking can remove you from the stress you are experiencing.

Creative activities require focus and concentration and can also often have the added

benefit of physical activity, like when drawing or rolling out dough.

4. Be Present and Slow Down.

Take 5 minutes to focus on what is happening right now. Notice the air on your face,

how you are breathing or walking or whatever your hands might be touching. When

you spend time in the present moment, you are less likely to notice the stress.

5. Breathe.

When you take 2 minutes to focus on breathing in and out, it allows you to separate

from everything else. Take this time to only notice your breath and leave everything else


6. Laugh Out Loud.

Laughing unburdens you from the mental stress of the moment. It lowers cortisol, your

body’s stress hormone, and increases endorphins to lighten your mood. Find that good

belly laugh by watching your favorite comedian, a funny pet or kid video or chat with

someone who makes you smile. Whatever it is, find something to make you laugh.

7. Blast Those Tunes.

Playing some of your favorite music can quickly turn your mood around, especially if you

pick something contrary to what you are currently feeling. If you are anxious, pick

something calm or if you are sad, pick an upbeat tune.

8. Decompress.

Wrap up in your favorite blanket or use a warm heat wrap around your neck to


Tip: Fill up a long sock with dry, uncooked rice and tie it off. You can warm the rice filled

sock in your microwave (only a few seconds!) and use it as a heat wrap for your neck,

shoulders or back.

Use can also use a foam roller or ball to work out the tension in your muscles. Position

the roller or ball in the spot and apply pressure while rolling it around gently.

9. Teach Your Body to Relax and Your Mind Will Follow.

Use a progressive muscle relaxation technique to get your muscles to relax. When your

physiological state is more relaxed, you have a harder time being stressed.

Learn these tips and many more in my Mental Wellness Course. Find it here or on my website:


~ Terra

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