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9 Quick Tips to Help Busy People Reduce Stress

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

It’s easy to try to ignore your stress when you have many other things going on. The problem is, that it takes more time to do things when you are stressed.

Here are 9 quick ideas for reducing stress when you do not have time to waste.

1. Change Your Environment.

Take a mini “vacation” by stepping outside for a moment, doing something pleasurable

like reading a book or watching a video, or jumping in the shower.

2. Participate in a Rhythmic Activity.

Walking or running are very pattern oriented. They can help you readjust your focus

and relieve stress. Or, pick up a couple of pens or chopsticks and drum on the table to

also find a similar response.

3. Do Something Creative.

Creativity doesn't have to revolve around a big project. Doing something you enjoy like

photography, coloring, or baking can remove you from the stress you are experiencing.

Creative activities require focus and concentration and can also often have the added

benefit of physical activity, like when drawing or rolling out dough.

4. Be Present and Slow Down.

Take 5 minutes to focus on what is happening right