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It's not me -- it's my sleep!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Did you know that sleep inconsistencies contribute to issues with health, cognitive functioning, mental illness, job performance, relationship effectiveness, impulsivity, driving accidents, school performance, decision making skills, leadership, parenting, and so many other things?

Many of us struggle with the concept of sleep. If you're not one of them, count your lucky stars!

For those of us who do struggle with sleep, there is hope! First, check with your doctor. If everything checks out and your sleep issues are not biologically based, check out this list of tips for better quality sleep:

If you continue to find it difficult to manage your sleep or cannot figure out which of these tips might work best for you, -- contact me for a FREE 30-minute chat HERE. --

I'd love to help get you on your road to better sleep and better mental wellness!

~ Terra

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