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Preparing Yourself for Stress

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

You can prepare yourself to reduce the stress of certain occasions or incidents.


Become More Aware by Creating a Stress Journal

If preparing yourself for stress is a completely new concept, it can be helpful for you to start the process by creating a stress journal. A stress journal can help to increase your awareness of your own stressors.

Start by recording events that have been stressful. Note the date, time of day and locations of the events. Then write out who you were with and how you remember feeling both physically and mentally. What do you remember thinking and doing? Rate the intensity of your stress (0-10). Pay attention to things that triggered you and the effective things you did in the moment. This will help you to identify what works and what does not. A journal will allow you to develop strategies for coping.

Prepare Before the Event

In order for your brain to be fully competent and able to help you cope, you need to be prepared (if time allows). Here are some things to consider at least a couple of days in advance of a stressful event:

  • Biological needs – Are you treating any illness, taking medications as prescribed, and getting enough sunlight (vitamin D)?

When we are physically run down or when we have not been taking the medications

our body needs, we are setting ourselves up for vulnerabilities. Think about the last

cold you had. Were you functioning at 100%? Probably not. Make sure you are caring

for your physical body in times of stress.