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The Reinvention Checklist -- 8 ways to get unstuck

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Feeling like you are stuck can sometimes be the red flag indicating you need a change. You might already be thinking, “I don’t want to change, because things are okay.” But are they?

The term ‘re-inventing yourself’ became popular a while ago and many believe it means doing a complete overhaul on your life. I don’t think it needs to be.

"Reinventing yourself" is your chance to look at your life and make decisions about what you like, what has worked, failures you have made, people you have met, and things you are proud of, synthesizing them down, developing a new direction for your life.

Time to assess where to start your reinvention process with this checklist:

#1 -- What Are Your Strengths?

Listing out your strenghts will give you possibilities and direction. If you have difficulty coming up with a list, recruit your friends, colleagues or family members to help you. There are also tons of “Strengths Finders” online to help as well.

#2 -- Make a Plan

Yes, plan. If you are making changes, it is important to set yourself up for success not failure. Take stock in your emotional and psychological well-being, your social support and your financial position to make sure your plans are realistic and practical.

Create a vision board, work on setting goals (hint: I have a great goal setting masterclass on my website --, or talk with a mentor or life coach for practical advice.

#3 -- Try Out Stuff

We learn mostly by doing. So, try things out from your bucket list or make a list of things you want to try. No matter if it is with a career or your hobbies, experiment to find the things you like.

We do not know everything that is out there, so how will you know until you try?

#4 -- Will Your Finances Support Your New Endeavor?

Think about possible related expenses and plan for them. Do not write off an idea because it will cost you something. Figure out how to do it, which may require you to ask for help.

If this is an area you do not excel in, there are tons of tips on improving money management skills online.

#5 -- Time For Some Courage

Fear and self-doubt are the enemy when trying to make a change and will probably come up when you are taking a risk. You need to manage your negative emotions and not allow them to discourage you. Figure out what fear and self-doubt are telling you to do and do the opposite of it. Tap into your courage and try one new thing each week.

#6 -- Recruiting Support

Support is crucial at this stage and you need to have it in place before you start. These are the ones who will guide you along the way and encourage you when you feel overwhelmed. You need to be able to vent and celebrate with others. Do not fear calling on your support.

#7 -- Remind Yourself Every Day of Your End Goal

Write your goals out on Post-Its and put them everywhere or type your goals out on your phone’s background. You want to be constantly reminded of your goal, so you do not get complacent about it.

#8 -- Accept Failure, Learn From it & Resume Your Journey

Failure IS AN OPTION. Time to see it as normal and figure what changes need to be made to move on to the next step of your journey. The more you can accept this, the more successful you will be.

If you really do want to get unstuck, it might be time to re-invent. Go out and live the life you love. It will require some time, patience and support, but it will be worth it in the end.

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