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There is NO 1 size fits all

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

"Wait, this one is NOT for you . . . "

Have you ever read through tips (stress management, organization, meal planning, whatever) and thought, “yeah, yeah, yeah” and moved to the next set? So, why?

Does it mean you have those all mastered and are looking for more tips to master? Chances are you probably said, “no” or “maybe.” The likelihood is that you're you're bored with hearing the same mash-ups, without variations, which don't increase your enthusiasm to try them. I get it. I get bored too.

So, how do you manage stress then?

I’m not about to give you a list of things you have already read before. I think it might be helpful for you to think about ways you have managed your stress in the past and press the “replay” button. If you take a moment and think about things you know have worked (and worked effectively I might add,) then maybe you may need to ask yourself if you are willing to try them again. Willingness is where things go awry. When we are not willing, then other less effective things prevail. I speak this from experience. How many times have you found yourself sitting and watching a movie instead of going to exercise for 30 minutes like you said you'd do? Now, this might sound like it is easy, peasy. Well, it’s not and that’s why you haven’t done it. This is all about figuring out what works for you (and only you) because no one else lives your life.

5 Quick tips for managing stress: 1. Are you doing things out of obligation instead of desire? STOP NOW. Well, maybe not this minute, but re-evaluate and decided if you actually NEED to be doing it. 2. Worry – NEVER necessary. It never solves a problem. It only adds to your stress. If you're unable to stop worrying, go to tip 3. 3. Breathe – Take deep belly breaths and try to exhale longer than you inhale creating a deficit in your lungs. It helps the brain to re-prioritize away from your stress. 4. Turn your motivations based in fear to those based in love. Instead of: “I want to keep my house clean in case people stop over,” Try this: “When my house is clean, I feel more relaxed.” 5. Stop judging. This means stop judging yourself and others. It only adds to your stress. I might also suggest trying to forgive yourself for anything you are holding on to.

Need more tips? I have several workshops available for you! Check them out HERE or on our website!

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