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are you rooting for your employees or co-workers? [9 Tips for increasing compassion at the office]

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

People working in a supportive and empathetic environment are known to be more productive. A simple way to build this type of community is through compassion. No matter what position you hold in your organization, you can employ these tips to create a win-win for all!

Creating this collaborative atmosphere in the workplace is common today. This makes sense because researchers have concluded that a compassionate workplace has profound effects on overall satisfaction. This also means that a compassionate workplace has a positive impact on the financial bottom line of an organization.

When individuals participate in a supportive environment, it creates a positive catch-22. People feel supported, and in response, support others. This atmosphere of support allows employees or colleagues to feel safe in taking calculated risks and lowers their fear of failure, resulting in greater resilience and profitable outcomes.

The book, “Know What You’re For” by Jeff Henderson and really drives home the idea of collaboration and support. It breaks down an organization into four parts, one of which is “being FOR the team.”

Here are nine ways you can be FOR the team:

  1. Offer support to other employees. When you know someone might be struggling on a project and you have a strength in that area, offer your expertise or guidance.

  2. What do you know about the people you work with? Get to know the other people on your team, introduce yourself and inquire about their passions. Say “hi” to them each day and use your name.

  3. Acknowledge other’s strengths or accomplishments. Celebrate in big and small ways. Offer congratulations publicly and morale will increase almost instantly.

  4. Be authentic with your words. Check your motivations for what you are saying and doing -- they will impact the delivery and reception.

  5. Come up with ideas to build collaboration outside the office. Organize volunteer opportunities, gatherings or other team-building activities like an office softball team.

  6. Be an example of how you would like to receive compassion. When you model for others, you inspire them. Be flexible, open, kind, supportive and willing to validate.

  7. Listen. This might seem simple and yet it is the least used tactic for building a compassion. Offer a listening ear, put down the distractions, and let then know you are there to hear them.

  8. Openly encourage effective communication. Offer up ideas, thoughts, and feelings from a truthful place will bring forth trust among co-workers. This fosters deeper relationships and greater collaborations.

  9. Make it fun. Do some type of challenge together (i.e. 30 day kindness challenge, etc.). Bring levity into the office and you will start to see exponential results.

Give one of the tips a try today! Let us know in the comments what you tried and how it turned out.

And just a reminder – we’re here to support you! If you need more ideas, support, encouragement or help managing the stress of business life, we would love to connect with you. Contact us through our website or at

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