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Five Tips for When you Feel Overwhelmed

Sometimes life feels overwhelming and can sneak up on us if we are not aware of what is happening. Being overwhelmed can increase other emotions like anxiety, sadness or anger. Then you start to judge yourself for not doing what you need to do and then it feels like everything is falling apart. This creates a cycle of overworking yourself, not getting enough sleep or taking care of yourself and then ultimately making things work.

Something has to give – right?

Right now, the stuff you enjoy doing is even too much. Time to stop this merry-go-round.

5 Proven Tips to Help When you Feel Overwhelmed

1. Sorting Let’s talk about what matters and what doesn’t in your life. Time to filter out the crap that really doesn’t matter. Yes, that means saying “no” to the things that do not. I suspect you don’t want to be living a life without the fun stuff, so let’s give you emotional space and energy to do those things. Get rid of the stuff that will be there later. For me, this means dusting my house or sorting socks. Yes, I do these things -- I just make sure other things come before them. 2. Get organized No, I don’t mean clean out the closets (unless that is relaxing for you 😉.) I mean start making a list so that you know what you need to do and what to plan for in the upcoming days or weeks. 3. Give time and space to peace & quiet When we have so many things going on the quiet space can seem “weird” or “overwhelming” at first, until the brain recognizes the lack of stimulation. Our brain is a muscle too and needs to rest just like our other muscles do after we work them really hard. 4. Try Tapping If you have never heard of this, I have something new for you! When you feel overwhelmed, “just thinking positively” doesn’t usually work. It can be helpful to strategically use pressure points to help the body and brain work in conjunction with each other.

Coming from someone whose brain is always going, this is a tool I love to use when overthinking starts happening. Check out this course I created to help you overcome feeling overwhelmed by simply tapping! 5. Create a list of things that get in the way I know, I love scrolling on Instagram or TikTok too! However, I can easily lose an hour if I just let myself go.

Be real about what you want to let go of. If TikTok is adding joy to your life, give yourself this option with a limit. Get rid of mindless stuff and add things of value.

Do yourself a favor and check in with yourself periodically to avoid getting overwhelmed.

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