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From Perfection to Expectation

When do my expectations fall into perfectionism? Great question and one that is not often explored.

It is easy to think, “Yes, I have high expectations because I want to be better. I want to find happiness. I want my life to have meaning.” But, did you ever think about when the prospect of “being better” steps over the line?

Let me explain.

When you are constantly striving to “be better” and notice you feel worn down, overwhelmed or fearful — really, when it just feels like too much— that’s when you have stepped into . . .

{catch the little Twilight Zone reference there? 😉}

Perfectionism seeps in when we are not tolerant of imperfections like mistakes, missteps, disappointments and failures.

Do I want to live life with high expectations for myself? Sure! Do I want to live life thinking things are never good enough? No!

So then, how instead do we stay in the expectation zone?

Here are 3 tips: 1. Know what your expectations are for yourself in this moment. Make sure you define them. 2. Ask yourself –Is this expectation realistic for my life circumstances? 3. What are some red flags that tell you that you have stepped over the line? Write them out so you remember.

Perfectionism only brings you disharmony -- don’t do that to yourself.

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