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How to Boost Self-Confidence

When people are self-confident, it evokes feelings of trust and inspiration while also giving a feeling of almost being carefree. Sound like something you want? Let’s get you there!

1. Start with appearing more confident. Stand up straight when you are with others, engage with eye contact as not to seem distracted (bear in mind any cultural differences), and act as though you are interested.

2. When your mind is getting in the way, it can be important to ask yourself these questions before you engage with others:

· What do I do well?

· What strengths do other people see in me?

· What threats am I perceiving?

· How can I turn the threats into opportunities?

· What values do other people fail to exhibit?

3. Be prepared. Don’t jump into something without prep work because this only makes you feel more anxious and will drive your actions accordingly.

4. When something difficult comes, acknowledge it and utilize effective coping strategies rather than ruminating and allowing the brain to go haywire. {If you need ideas, jump in my facebook group “Life with Less Tribe”}

5. Quit with the self-critic. My mom always said, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.” Now, I don’t always follow this. However, with myself, I am a firm believer in being honest without being mean. I do acknowledge things I do not like about myself and I include what I am going to do to change it at the same time. I do not allow for problem only thinking.