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Stop Digging in Your Heels

Those Jimmy Choo’s Can’t Take it Anymore – Stop Digging in Your Heels

There is a time to dig yourself in and stick to your path! There is also a time to decide when the stubbornness that you have honed into a gift has outstayed its welcome. Let me explain. This is a gift I genuinely own. I have been called every adjective related to stubbornness since I was a small girl. It has saved me in a lot of ways, and it has failed me too. Let’s see if you can somehow relate . . . This trait of striving, pushing myself, “should-ing” myself and always seeking to be the best has made me really good at what I do. It has also left me feeling overworked, overwhelmed, overlooked, lonely, tired, vulnerable and done. I’m fairly certain it has ruined some of my relationships, which is not okay either. Don’t get me wrong, I have also gotten a lot of positive feelings from this too, which is why it is hard to change. But why am I telling you this? Because I want you to be the best version of yourself and I want you to feel fulfilled. It’s time to look at ways you can open yourself up to other possibilities and shine. It's time to take off the heels, put on the flats and invite this openness into your space.

Want help with how to do this? Reach out to me. I’m an expert 😉

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