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The Best Strategy for Real Change

Quite a while ago, I started to realize how hard I was on myself and how crappy it made me feel about myself.

Can you relate?

I was doing some research about how to improve the way I saw myself and I realized I never stopped to recognize the progress or the things I had changed in my life. This realization has changed my life and I wanted to share some of the ways recognize and celebrate positive change in my life:

  1. Keep Score. I keep my own “score sheet, which really is just a visual reminder about what I want to do each day. It helps me focus and makes sure I don’t forget what these things are.

  2. Progress is just as important as results. If you keep your mind glued to what you haven't yet achieved, you won't be fully present in the journey. Remind yourself to love and appreciate the process of reaching your goals. Honoring the adventure will help you to stay confident, positive, and motivated.

  3. Check-In Weekly. Every week check in with yourself about your progress. How much closer are you to meeting your goals? Are you doing everything you can to make your dreams a reality? These check-ins will help you track your growth and pinpoint where there is room for improvement. This will create even more momentum and help you use your time wisely. It also gives you permission to be kind to yourself.

  4. Enlist a “goal-mate.” Find a person who will cheer you on and will help keep you accountable.

  5. Celebrate small wins. Reward yourself for the small [and big] steps you are taking.

  6. Living is Doing. Pick one small action you can do today that takes you closer to the life you want to live.

  7. Stop Telling Yourself “I can’t.” Find ways to tell yourself why your goal is possible.

YOU CAN DO THIS! I know you can. Remember, be kind to yourself and life will follow suit.

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