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The thing giving people do the least…

Time to CELEBRATE – Come On!

Sorry, I started thinking about a song and it just went.

The idea of celebrating yourself might seem . . . what . . . selfish? I hear this ALL THE TIME!

Time to stop this thinking.

Why? Because you are burning yourself out by doing things for everyone else. I already hear your voice saying, "it’s because _________ (my kids NEED me, my spouse has a lot going on, I’m really busy)."


I say this from the depths of my heart – stop burning yourself out. Everyone else will survive and thrive if you take some time for you. No more excuses!

RIGHT NOW – say, “I am going to do one small thing for myself today.”

Now, you might not know what to do, so here is a list of ideas (I’m not leaving you giving souls because you might default back to doing something for someone else):

  • Take a break. Maybe a little stay-cation. It might only be a 15 minute rest in a deck chair AND it needs to be a break.

  • Let the little kid in you go crazy. Dance, play paintball, draw, blow bubbles, or take a dance class.