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What I Wish I had Known Sooner about Goal Setting

Have you ever asked yourself this question,

“How do the things I am doing (today, tomorrow, the next day)

align with what I want out of my life?”

Not, what does my spouse want, my family, my friends -- what do I want?

Do you look at the small things you do and ask yourself the same question?

I was playing a game on my phone yesterday and I stopped and thought, “I am doing this for a specific purpose (self-care or relaxation) or is it getting me closer to one of my goals? I answered, “No!” and decided to do something else.

How many times do you do this?

What do you need to add or subtract from your life?

Here is one example of how I do this:

1. What is something I want in my life?

Answer: I want to travel

2. Are the things I am doing aligning with ‘traveling more?”

Answer: Since I cannot travel out of the country (which I really like and it is out of my control

right now), I am putting money into an account to use when it is feasible. I am also taking some

road trips to give myself other opportunities to see new things.

I also look at my day to day activities and evaluate in the same way:

1. What is something I want out of life?

Answer: I want to feel fulfilled.

2. Are the things I am doing each day aligning with “feeling fulfilled?”

Answer: I first need to make sure I know what a word like fulfilled means to me. Then, I look at

ways I am accomplishing this.

I try to connect with friends and family members daily, I am connecting withmy students

regularly, I give myself time each morning to start my day effectively and I am finding new ways

to provide valuable information on reducing stress to people each day.

Now, what did you just figure out for yourself?

Think about it.

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