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Your How-To Plan for a Stressful Event

Planning for stress can be the difference between feeling awful and full of regret to walking away maintaining your self-respect.

So, let’s do this.

Here is a worksheet you can use when you know you have a stressful thing coming up:

Start here:

1. What is the thing coming up? Be specific in describing it. For example: I have to talk with my boss about how I am being treated {it is important to describe how you are being treated}.

2. What are worried about? Describe what you think may happen. Continuing the example: I am afraid my boss will fly off the handle and start yelling at me.

3. How can you prepare yourself physically to be less emotionally vulnerable to this stress? Try the TEASE (below)

  • T – Making sure you are treating any physical illness and taking any prescribed medications. When your physical body is out of whack, you are not functioning at 100% mentally.

  • E – Are you eating how your body needs to be fed? Taking in enough water? (such as: if you are lactose intolerant, stay away from lactose.)

  • A – Are you using mood-altering substances? (like caffeine, sugar, alcohol/drugs.)