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4 Steps to Overcoming Fear

When I ask you,

"What are you scared of?"

what comes to mind?

Did you know fear is a natural response for keeping us safe?

Except, when it’s not.

Fear can be learned from ourselves, experiences, others -- AND it also can be UNlearned.

So, what is your fear ?

· Fear of losing a relationship?

· Fear of job loss?

· Fear of failure?

· Fear of embarrassment?

· Fear of criticism or losing someone’s respect?

No matter what the fear, you can change it.

Here are the beginning steps:

1. You MUST name your fear. If you do not get down to the nitty gritty of it, you will never

conquer it.

2. You need to be specific about what your fear means to you. What are you losing out on

because of it? This will give you a reason to address the fear.

3. Break your fear down into smaller items within the big fear and make a list from smallest to

the largest of the big fears.

For example: I used to fear public speaking and I missed out on some speaking

engagements because of it. I broke the "big fear" of public speaking into a list of "smaller

fears" related to it, like speaking up in a group of friends and speaking up in a staff meeting.

4. Take the smallest item on your "smaller fears" list and start practicing it. Do the small thing.

Do it every day if possible, until you notice your anxiety coming down. Then, move on to the

next thing on your "smaller fears" list.

Addressing your fears in this way teaches your brain that the anxiety and fear it is

producing is not warranted and it starts to get used to the thing you are fearing. You can

certainly just go do the big thing, but chances are you will talk yourself out of it the next

time. Starting smaller helps you to get over the fear.

Try it out. If you need help coming up with smaller steps, hit me up.

Be the best version of yourself!

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