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Let’s Avoid Avoidance aka Getting Rid of Procrastination

Let me be clear here…procrastination is not necessarily laziness.

Procrastination looks a lot of different ways. It can look like picking something we like over doing the thing we hate. It can be an effort to avoid something negative. Or, it can feel paralyzing. This is why we need to pick different ways to address these reasons. Here are some tips to help overcome procrastination:

Disconnect Performance with Self-Worth –

You are NOT what you do. Let me say this again, YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU DO. If you need help

with this one, please connect with me.

Increase Your Awareness –

Reflect on the reasons why you procrastinate, your habits and thoughts that lead to


Further Assess –

What feelings lead to procrastinating, and how does it make you feel? Are these positive,

productive feelings: do you want to change them?

Change How You Are Thinking –

If you think you can’t – then guess what, you can’t. Maybe think, “This is hard and I think I can

do it.” Different vibe.

Environment –

Change where you are if you know you are going to get distracted. Environment IS everything.

Goals –

Focus on what you want to do, not what you want to avoid.

Are You Being Realistic? –

Watch out for self-sabotage. Is what you are expecting of yourself realistic?

Break It Down –

Breaking down big task