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STOP Telling Yourself "I'm Not Ready!"

We have all gone through this no matter the topic of discussion.

You think, “I’m just not ready,” “I’m not prepared yet,” or “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Sound familiar???

How do you change this or how do you start moving?


Well, here are some helpful tips I use whenever I get stuck there:

  1. I ask myself -- What is at stake? What is the absolute worst-case scenario? That way I can prepare myself and clarify my fears.

  2. I look at all the “what if’s” and what I am feeling about them.

  3. Those damn irrational (possibly emotionally driven) thoughts – they get me almost every time. So, I really pay attention to what I am telling myself (besides the “I’m not ready”).

  4. I look at the actual facts -- NOT my assumptions. What are the facts actually happening right now?

  5. Spend time weighing out the pros and cons of each risk before making a decision. Don’t forget to categorize by short and long-term to decide how much weight they carry.

  6. Practice taking risks. Start with something small so you can learn from each risk. Gradually build up to the “big one” you have been putting off.

  7. Recruit cheerleaders. These are the people you trust to support you and to tell you the truth.


You can do this. It just takes some assessment on your part.

If you need help, reach out to me! I know asking for help can be difficult or you might be afraid of someone trying to sell you something. I promise to do neither.

I’m here for you.

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