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Secrets to a Life with Less Stress??

The key to long-term stress relief is Resilience.

It’s a popular term, but do you know what this word means for you?

Resilience means the ability to regain your mental or emotional status prior to a “stressful event.” You might already be thinking, “I don’t have any stress.” Well, you probably do. Think about it . . .

it can be anything from the frustration of sitting in rush hour traffic to losing a loved one and beyond. It can be having a fight with your spouse or kids to being fired from a job. We all have them.

Stressors happen to each of us every day. Now, it’s time to think about how quickly after a stressor happens do you return to your normal state? Think about it.

Do your thoughts or emotions about the situation linger? Are you left ruminating about it for hours or days? This is what I am talking about it and it is stressful, so let’s talk about reducing the time you are stuck there — it’s called resilience.

Resilience comes in 4 forms:

emotional, physical, social and spiritual.

It is important to look at how you are attending to each of these. So, let me explain:

EmotionalThe capacity to cope with your stressors.

It is being mindful of your own thoughts and emotions instead of functioning on automatic pilot.